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The acclaimed book that has been ordered by and for persons in all 50 states! 


This book is a philanthropic project with all net proceeds going for good causes. Special thanks for major funding from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, as well to other financial supporters including Brooks Smith, Jayne and Bobby Ukrop, David Robinson, and the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation. (Additional gratitude in the “Special Thanks” section in the front pages of the book.)


Treasure Clues

The author has hidden a treasure somewhere along the James River within Richmond’s city limits. Finding it requires no digging, no climbing, no boating, no swimming or wading, and no moving of objects. The treasure is accompanied by a history-laced mystery and has immediate financial value. A new clue is posted here every 10 days.

CLUE #1 – January 20th: The treasure is mentioned 6 times in one article in The James River in Richmond.

CLUE #2 – January 27th: The treasure is small enough and light enough to be carried in one hand by anyone.

CLUE #3 – February 6th: The treasure was created in 1853.

CLUE #4 – February 16th: The treasure could be purchased for one dollar in 1853.

CLUE #5 – February 26th: The exact shape and color of the treasure can be found on the cover of the book, The James River in Richmond.

CLUE #6 – March 8th:The treasure was designed by James B. Longacre. 

CLUE #7 – March 22nd: The treasure’s hiding place is low enough that the author’s six-year-old granddaughter can reach it.

CLUE #8 – March 28th: The book contains a photo that was taken from where the treasure is hidden.

CLUE #9 – April 7th: The treasure site has its own listing in the book (much more specific than “James River Park” and such).

CLUE #10 – April 13th: There is one photo in the book that clearly shows the general location of the treasure.

CLUE #11 – April 20th: On any sunny good-weather weekend you’ll see persons of all ages going by the site where the treasure is hidden.

CLUE #12 – April 30th: Although you can find some litter sprinkled along the urban James, it’s unusual to see any at the site of the treasure.

CLUE #13 – May 14th: Although the treasure site is visited often, daily during good weather, it is rarely crowded.

CLUE #14 – May 22nd: The general “place” where the treasure is hidden has a two-word title (e.g. Bosher’s Dam).

CLUE #15 – June 2nd: The treasure site is mentioned in the “99 Most Asked Questions” section of the book.

CLUE #16 – June 7th: You can see the James River from where the treasure is hidden.

CLUE #17 – June 16th: There is a single word on the book’s page 51 that is a significant clue to the location of the treasure.

CLUE #18 – June 26th: The treasure site is amid an expansive variety of human history.

CLUE #19– July 11th: People walk to within 50 feet of the treasure year-round, and probably daily except during bad weather.

CLUE #20– July 19th: The treasure (gold coin) is encased in one of those fake rocks for hiding keys etc. (See image above)

CLUE #21– July 28th: El sitio del tesoro no se menciona en la sección en español del libro.

CLUE #22– August 7th: The treasure site is worthy of Stephen King.

CLUE #23– August 21st: The name of the area where the the treasure can be found is mentioned twice on page 51 of THE JAMES RIVER IN RICHMOND - YOUR NEW GUIDE TO ENJOYING AMERICA'S BEST URBAN RIVER.

CLUE #24– August 21st: You CAN'T see the area where the treasure is located on pp 116-124 in THE JAMES RIVER IN RICHMOND - not even from a distance.

CLUE #25– September 8th: Process of elimination: don't waste time looking for the treasure anywhere in the locations and panoramas in the photos on pages 25, 26, 37, 38, 45, 46, 79, 80 and 155 of the book.

CLUE #26– September 18th: The name of the area where the Treasure is hidden is mentioned somewhere on the book's 2-page spread: pages 135-136.

CLUE #27– September 28th: May not be a good idea to whistle when you're where the treasure is located.

Strangers on the River 

Every 10 days or so, another "stranger" encountered on the James will be featured here. 

PICTURED ABOVE: When I saw the butterfly alight on this woman’s forehead along a James River trail I couldn’t resist asking for a photo. She is Whitney Mulder – realtor, single mom (6-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy), and cyclist. She’ll do a 469-mile outing on the Blue Ridge Parkway later this year. She did do triathlons, including participating in the national championship, but now does mostly cycling. She has a 5-bedroom Airbnb entitled “Wanderlust at the Wetland” located adjacent to the Wetlands area of James River Park.

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Purchases & Discounts

Regular-priced books can be ordered by clicking the button below, or by sending a check for $26.50 each, made payable to Bryan Bunch LLC, to: Bryan Bunch LLC, P.O. Box 27471, Richmond, VA 23261. (Price includes $19.95 retail price, shipping, and taxes.) Please be sure to include your shipping information.


Contact the Author

Author John Bryan welcomes comments about typos and mistakes, important things that he should have included, suggestions for a next edition, and general feedback. He also welcomes comments about this website. Contact John by e-mail here, and/or by snail mail: John Bryan, Bryan Bunch LLC. P.O. Box 27471, Richmond, VA 23261



El libro presenta una sección especial en español, y 1,000 libros gratuitos están disponibles de forma gratuita para los residentes de habla hispana de la región de Richmond. Comuníquese con el autor a para obtener más información.

TRANSLATION: The book features a special Spanish language section, and 1,000 free books are available free for Spanish language residents of the Richmond region. Contact the author here for more information.

Reunión de quinceañeras en el puente T-Pott: aparece en el libro en la página 185.

TRANSLATION: Quinceanera gathering on the T-Pott Bridge – featured in the book on page 185.

Meet author John Bryan — named a "ParkStar" by Friends of James River Park

Where to Purchase Books in Greater Richmond

Book People – 10464 Ridgefield Parkway

Computerology – 1925 West Cary Street

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden – 1800 Lakeside Avenue

Plan 9 Records –  3017 West Cary Street

Richmond Canal Boat Tours Kiosk – 139 Virginia Street

Trail Hut – 114 N. 2nd Street

AlterNatives – 3320 West Cary Street

Peak Experiences – 1375 Overbrook Road

Crossroads Art Center – 2016 Staples Mill Road

Whether you're a long-time Richmonder …

… or a first-time visitor, a fast-moving energizer or a slow-moving relaxer, a devotee of art and history or a lover of woods and waters, a wise-eyed 80-year-old or a wide-eyed 8-year-old – no matter what or who you are, this book is your guide to a cityload of fascinating experiences in, on, and along America’s best urban waterway: fast-water kayaking and calm-water swimming, lively walkways and secluded woodsways, provocative history and evocative art, granite-wall climbing and mountain-trail biking, wheel-friendly pathways and family-friendly festivals.

KEEP READING FOR: Treasure Clues, Strangers on the River, Book Events, Purchases and Discounts, Contact the Author. 

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